Get instant transparency over your business, so you can execute your vision.

Start using the latest in AI voice technology to get you instant transparency over your business’ financials, strategy and risk and compliance.

Our World-leading Personal Reporting Assistant 

The first iteration of the Vexecute Personal Voice Activated Reporting Assistant integrates with your financial accounting software to give you instant thoughtful analysis and commentary so you understand where you are at with executing your vision.

Budget Variances Greater than 10%

Highlight variances greater than 10%

Monthly and Annual Comparisons

Highlights monthly and annual variances 

Key Financial Ratios

Summary of key Financial Ratios

Action List for Follow Up

Send a follow up email with actions required

How does your Reporting Assistant work?

Imagine you want to know whether your company is meeting its financial targets.  Vexebot runs your reports daily, weekly or monthly using RPA or a direct API connection and then you ask Alexa – literally by speaking into a Bot device – to read any number of relevant reports.  She then reports back, verbally,

Alexa provides more than a meaningless number or target achieved.   It will tell you if you’re meeting strategic targets or not, give summaries of your financial  budget variances and financial ratios and then let you know if you should continue with business as usual or if it’s time to complete some further investigation with an instantly itemised follow up email with actions required, sent to you immediately after the session has completed.

Why do you need a Personal Reporting Assistant

Strategy, financial, and risk and compliance reporting is the key to getting under the hood of an organisation and finding out what’s going on. You can’t make good decisions if you don’t understand the complete picture.

Therefore by combining two great digital technologies, you get to have our RPA bot, Vexebot do the legwork or we capitalise on your API connections, and Alexa, our voice activated bot completes the analysis, seamlessly for you and your team.

Imagine, you spend 1 day per week analysing all of your strategic targets, financial and risk and compoliance data.  That’s just one person, and then imagine you multiply that across your various teams.  The numbers speak for themselves.  Imagine what you could do if you could get back 20% of your time because you now had Vexebot doing the leg work and Alexa providing thoughtful and effortless analysis and commentary? 

Hrs Saving Per Mnth or 1 day per Week


Savings of your Time per Year

Meet our AI Family

We currently have four RPA bots within our Bot family.  You can choose to use one of ours or you can develop your own.


Uses her street smart analytical mind to provide transparency


Loves being creative and problem solving


Loves reading , writing and building


Loves anything audio and visual

Answers to Your Questions

What is RPA?

RPA is Robotic Process Automation that does the leg work for you.

What is Alexa?

Voice activated technology , where you literally speak to the device and she provides a response. 

How do I get a Personal Reporting Assistant?

Contact us to get your Strategy, financial or risk and compliance data connected  to your Alexa and you’ll start saving time as soon as you say, Alexa, open reporting assistant.

What applications can Alexa provide reporting on?

The list is endless!  We can connect to legacy systems, online portals or excel spreadsheets .   Our pipeline of connected apps for core reporting software is currently underway and we are adding additional functionality everyday.  The core reporting functionality is your baseline and you can then add customized additional reporting, if required.

Where does my data sit?

Your data sits in your system or a secured database and that goes for your Alexa skill also.  Once connected via Alexa for Business, only you and who you approve to have access, will be able to say Alexa, open reporting assistant and access your company’s data.


By harnessing the functionality of Alexa, VexeBot takes RPA a step further. Not only can our VexeBot automatically run tasks and reports like any other person or seamlessly connect to your API – eliminating the grunt work usually involved – but it then teams up with Alexa and presents the results back to you with thoughtful analysis and commentary, that you can then use to make better decisions, more quickly and with less effort,

Donnamaree Pakinga

CEO, Vexecute

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