Tania’s Flow

Section One

Presented here are the main features that Tania can be used for, and describe a roadmap of how these features function and interact with one another and the user.

If you have not set up Tania yet, please follow the walkthrough available at www.vexecute.com

After you have successfully installed Tania, you will need to authorize the voice skill on the Alexa app, and for security reasons an authorization code will be sent to you every thirty minutes while you are using Tania.

Section Two

After connecting, there is the option provided for returning users to resume where they left off last time. If this is not done, you will need to choose an organisation you wish to receive information about or, if none are available, you will be prompted to add one at www.vexecute.com

Section Three

Here you have the opportunity to open or close Alexa skill access to organisations, providing that you are the designated controller (the first person to connect your organisation to Tania becomes the controller by default).

Section Four

After this, you will be prompted to set the listener profile of the Tania profile. This can be set to either a “Financial Expert” or a “Business Professional”. This will help Tania tailor her presentation language to your needs.

Section Five

After setting this profile you are welcomed to the main menu where you will hear an overview of the financials of your selected organisation in the form of a short update. This will include:

  • Current Month
  • Year-To-Date
  • Your Year Fourcast
  • Balance Sheet

On triggering the exiting of the app, no Xero related data will be retained in any form.